Constitutional Crisis in the Holy Land

Israel’s democracy is threatened from without by Hamas and within by its lack of a constitution.

Was the Arab Spring Worth It?

Tunisia’s democratic repeal of their constitution should raise questions about the purpose and goals of the US-backed Arab Spring

Washington’s Moderation

Washington was not angry, immoderate or impatient.  In short, his example is instructive for our own angry, immoderate and impatient times.

George Washington’s Christian Realism

Christian Realism is our theme at Providence, and Christian Realism was the theme of George Washington’s life that America celebrates with today’s federal holiday.

As Christian as Cherry Pie

The study of international relations history, history in general, and the origins and nature of diplomacy and international law reveals the absolutely central role that Christian faith has played in the development of these concepts.

The National Popular Vote: A Dangerous Popularity Contest - NPVIC
The National Popular Vote: A Dangerous Popularity Contest

It’s worth noting here that the “anachronistic” system the Founding Fathers crafted in the eighteenth century—based on the will and procedures of semi-sovereign states—serves as an extra layer of protection against twenty-first-century threats.

Revoking Birthright Citizenship: A Trial Balloon or Terrible Idea?

One of the most peculiar moments in the run-up to the 2018 midterms was a trial balloon, floated by President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, to remove birthright citizenship from the children of illegal immigrants via executive order. This is not the first time in recent memory the issue of birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants has come up.

The Debt Christian Foreign Policy Owes Thomas Aquinas
The Debt Christian Foreign Policy Owes Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas’ ideas about just war still affect how Americans feel about wars, including World War II and the Persian Gulf War.

British and American Approaches to the Peace

Providence continues to look back at how American Christians thought through the challenges of World War II 75 years ago. In this article that Christianity & Crisis originally published on May 17, 1943, Henry P. Van Dusen proclaims that the postwar peace would rely on international consensus.