Nationalist America Creedal Tribal
America: Creedal or Tribal?

Nationalists believe that humanity is divided into mutually distinct, internally coherent groups defined by shared traits like language, religion, or culture, and that these groups should each have their own governments. There is an alternative.

World Order and a Just Witness: Christianity and Immigration
World Order and a Just Witness: Christianity and Immigration Part 2

Little progress can be made toward improving the human condition of migrants without acknowledging the central role of the nation-state.

The Christian Faith and Immigration
The Christian Faith and Immigration

For the most part, church groups have been more interested in political advocacy than in seeking to illuminate how a biblical perspective might contribute to a more just immigration system.

Who Gets to Come through the Golden Door: Refugees, Asylum Seekers, the Church, and the Soul of America

During the largest refugee crisis in history with over 70 million displaced people around the world, the Trump administration is…

Whom We Let In: The Journey and Contradiction of Amy Wax

I was pondering a question while reading the recent controversial and somewhat misrepresented Amy Wax interview that came out in…

Ugly Words and Horrific Events - Illegal Immigration
Ugly Words and Horrific Events

Some of us thought the ugliness of the language President Trump used to describe certain members of Congress—alongside the ugliness…

The Fault in Our Stars: Tyson, Trump, and the Search for Human Worth

America’s collective consciousness has been assaulted of late by the rapid-fire reports of mass shootings across the country. What was…

Holocaust Comparisons Are Stupid and Self-defeating—But Possibly Revealing as Well
AOC’s Holocaust Comparisons Are Stupid and Self-defeating—But Revealing as Well

I am not, here, interested in debating the specific conditions on our southern border. This is its own crisis. What I am interested in is commenting on why comparing what’s going on down there to the Holocaust is foolish both historically and strategically. For what it’s worth, my objections apply to nearly any comparison made between the Holocaust and a current atrocity—real or perceived.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez AOC at SXSW
AOC, Detention Centers, and The Children of Light

People acting to rid the world of injustice without knowing the darkness of their own hearts are dangerous, because they are blind to their own propensity toward injustice.