A Modest Defense of (a Form of) Christian Nationalism
A Modest Defense of (a Form of) Christian Nationalism

Few labels elicit more ire in the views of contemporary Americans, Christians and non-Christians alike, than the two-word moniker, “Christian nationalism.”

Two Tasks after the Insurrection at the US Capitol
Two Tasks after the Insurrection at the US Capitol

The insurrection on Epiphany reveals essential tasks—for America to prevent another attack and for the church to respond properly to the misuse of its symbols.

Day 8: One for All Yule Blog Nationalism Patriotism Israel
Day 8: One for All

The Christmas story doesn’t tell us how to reconcile the virtues and the vices of universal cosmopolitanism and local loyalty. But it suggests that we can somehow try to be true to both ideals: to be loyal members of our nations, our families, our tribes—and at the same time to reach out to the broader human community of which we are also a part.

Flawed Historical Narratives about American Figures Color Our Pursuit of Justice

Renewed debates over history reveal the narratives that conservatives and progressives employ to justify or decry American history. One narrative insists on lionizing historical figures, the other on demonizing them—yet both distract from the ongoing pursuit of the American ideals of justice, liberty, and equality.

Defy the Mob, Have a Happy Independence Day

Delight in your family and community and boldly have a very happy Independence Day.

Hope for Post-Coronavirus America

Of course America will survive the coronavirus. We’ve many times survived far worse.

Christian Influence on US Foreign Policy

Formal religious adherence is declining, but America’s longtime religious self-identity as a lodestar of democratic responsibility in the world continues unabashed.

Nationalist America Creedal Tribal
America: Creedal or Tribal?

Nationalists believe that humanity is divided into mutually distinct, internally coherent groups defined by shared traits like language, religion, or culture, and that these groups should each have their own governments. There is an alternative.

Salute to America 2019 - The Opposition to Nationalism that Wasn’t
The Opposition to Nationalism that Wasn’t

The current discussion of “nationalism” seems to be mostly a battle of words and caricatures that bears little on the actual reality or lives of regular people.