Russia, Iran, and China are Weaker Than They Appear

Despite narratives of Western decline, we must observe the problems afflicting our rivals as well

“Golda,” Nixon & Russia

Perhaps Meir, who supposedly believed Russia never changes, would also note that Russia never learns.

Lausanne and the Future of Syriac Christians in Turkey

In Defense of Christians’ Richard Ghazal speaks on Syriac Christians in Turkey

American Engagement in the New Middle East

A paradigm shift in the Middle Eastern geopolitical landscape has emerged driven by the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman

Syriacs Signal Hope on this 108th Genocide Anniversary

The Syriac Genocide is among the darkest episodes of the twentieth century 750,000 Syriac Christians were slaughtered from 1915 to 1923

Earthquakes in Turkey: Christians of Antioch Urgently Need Help

Antioch was the first city where followers of Jesus were known as “Christians.” Now the city lies in ruins and its Christians are desperate.

A Blueprint for Defending the Free World through an Alliance of Democracies

In the Free World’s multifaceted response to Putin’s war, a blueprint for a global alliance of democracies is emerging.

“Peace” Activists Sing Putin’s Song - Ukraine - Russia
“Peace” Activists Sing Putin’s Song

Today, after Russia has completely abjured socialist ideals, leftist “peace” movements promote Russian foreign policy narratives. What, then, motivates them?

The Remarkable Baroness: A Review of Lela Gilbert’s Baroness Cox: Eyewitness to a Broken World
The Remarkable Baroness: A Review of Lela Gilbert’s Baroness Cox: Eyewitness to a Broken World

This new edition of Baroness Cox: Eyewitness to a Broken World by Lela Gilbert shows that the international religious freedom advocate is not slowing down, and her recent ventures take several additional chapters to describe.

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