A People Without Culture: What the End of Reading Truly Means 

Democracy requires a broadly disseminated literary tradition through which to transmit the culture that sustains a civilization

The (Home) School of Democracy 

Review of Monica Swanson’s “Becoming Homeschoolers”

Albania Jails Elected Greek Mayor

Albania is discriminating against its Greek minority.

Why are Turkey and Azerbaijan targeting Armenia and Greece?

The same ideology that motivated the 1913-23 Armenian genocide motivates Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s aggressions against Armenians, Greeks and other Christians.

Christian Realists on the Truman Doctrine and Greek Civil War
Christian Realists on the Truman Doctrine and Greek Civil War

During an address to the US Congress on March 12, 1947, President Harry Truman called for military and economic aid to Turkey and Greece to counter communist threats. This began the Truman Doctrine, and Christian realists responded a month later.

Churchill: Walking with Destiny

British historian Andrews Roberts discusses his magnificent new biography of Winston Churchill, including his political incorrectness by contemporary standards, his…

Macedonia’s New Name
Macedonia’s New Name

The dispute over Macedonia’s name began in 1991 after the country broke away from Yugoslavia, but now it has decided with Greece on a new name. This is good news for the United States.