George Marshall

Free Speech Healthy Politics House Un-American Activities Committee
Free Speech and Healthy Politics

Now what is here symbolized has been the most fundamental idea in our American democracy. Ours is a government by discussion.

The Failure of China’s Peace Settlement
While China’s Peace Settlement Failed and the Communists Rose: A 1947 Assessment

George Marshall’s attempt to create peace between the Chinese nationalists and communists failed. Christian realists in 1947 considered why.

Reports from War-Torn China, 1946
Reports from War-Torn China, 1946

As part of a series of reports from different countries in the fall of 1946, Christianity and Crisis published articles by M. Searle Bates and Henry P. Van Dusen on China. These reveal the situation of Christianity in the country and America’s foreign policy challenge in East Asia.

Rethinking the Marshall Plan
Rethinking the Marshall Plan

Neither active idealism (a massive humanitarian intervention) nor defensive realism (an anticommunist security strategy) quite comes to grips with the Marshall Plan’s rationale. Americans would not have been so committed to spending these large, sacrificial sums except that their own core beliefs, values, and institutions were at risk.

D-Day & the Triumph of Human Being
D-Day & the Triumph of Human Being

Today should be a reminder, especially, perhaps, to Christians, that sometimes fights need to be fought. We worship a God who mandated governments to use the sword to deploy violent action, in the last resort and in measures sufficient to win the fight, when nothing but proportionate and discriminate force will protect the innocent, take back what has been unjustly taken, or punish sufficiently grave evil.

To Whom Much Is Given: Making a Case for Foreign Aid
To Whom Much Is Given: Making a Case for Foreign Aid

Recent passage of the BUILD Act, which aims to “facilitate market-based private sector development and inclusive economic growth in less developed countries,” presents an ideal opportunity to discuss the thorny issue of foreign aid.

Paradigm Lost: Book Review of Richard Haass’ A World in Disarray
Paradigm Lost: Review of Haass’ A World in Disarray

With his novel concept of sovereign obligation in A World in Disarray, Richard Haass makes an important advance in the search for peace in a disoriented world. But its advances fall short, unable to grasp the essential moral quality of world order.

O Captain My Captain Rex Tillerson Secretary of State
O Captain, My Captain

In a bipartisan vote, the Senate yesterday confirmed a captain of industry to steer our nation’s ship of state, Rex Tillerson, former Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil. The decision was a wise one.

George Marshall, Christian Soldier

Visiting historic, charming Lexington, Virginia is a tonic for the soul, and among its ornaments is the General George Marshall…