Never Pay the Ransom

Lessons from the British Poet Rudyard Kipling warn of appeasement to aggressors, drawing on the lessons of history

Recommitting Ourselves to the Freedom of Captive Nations

In 1959, Congress designated the third week of July as Captive Nations Week for those suffering under Communism and authoritarianism around the world

A Coherent U.S. Policy on Iran is Needed Now

The United States has not had a consistent approach to Iran in years

Russia and its New Alliances are Responsible for Emboldening Extremism Across Eurasia

Russia cannot be cast as an enemy of terrorism when it is so happy to forge ties with Hamas and the Taliban

Kroenig and Negrea’s Plan for Winning the New Cold War

Matthew Kroenig and Daniel Negrea have charted a new path for Republican foreign policy

The War in Gaza Hasn’t Stopped Israeli-Arab Normalization

While some have argued Israeli-Arab normalization will never happen, recent cooperation against Iranian missile attacks proves otherwise

The Weakness is the Point in American Foreign Policy

The Biden administration’s weakness abroad is part of a targeted appeal to its progressive base at home

The Road to Deterring Iran Goes Through Iraq

The United States cannot militarily extricate itself from Iraq without massively benefitting Iran

The Urgent Task of Restoring American Deterrence

Recent attacks on US soldiers in the Near East prove that a course change in American foreign policy is necessary