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US Commission Report Reveals China’s Transgressions - US-China Economic and Security Review Commission
US Commission Report Reveals China’s Transgressions

A recent US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) report gives examples of China’s transgressions.

WASP Brahmin & Killing Diem

Lodge was governed by a WASP devotion to American interests and to democratic fair play that drove his role toward displacing the autocratic Diem.

Extending the Hard Line with China
Extending the Hard Line with China

President Joe Biden’s China policy is coming into focus. As some of us predicted before his inauguration, he appears to be continuing the previous administration’s hard-line stance with Beijing—suggesting that the COVID-19 crisis marks a turning point akin to how the communist bloc’s attempt to seize West Berlin and South Korea solidified bipartisan commitment to waging the Cold War.

Allen Guelzo on Burke vs US Principles

Nations have certain importance, but at the end of the day, the Gospel itself trumps those characteristics.

The Appeal to Heaven and Our New Civil War
The Appeal to Heaven and Our New Revolutionary War

One flag waving over the rioters at the US Capitol, emblazoned with a tree and the slogan “An Appeal to Heaven,” garnered particular attention as a symbol of so-called “Christian nationalism’s” effort to “take America back for God.”

Erdogan’s Fury over the Arab-Israel Relationship
Erdogan’s Fury over the Arab-Israel Relationship

The normalization between the Arabs and Israelis diminishes Turkey’s role as the chief mediator between Israel and the Muslim world, so Erdogan’s anguish probably comes from fear of an “Arab option.”

Marksism – No. 36: Nations and Repentance

In this week’s episode, the editors discuss Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker’s article about how the nations appear in the Bible,…

Repentance Must Be Individual
Repentance Must Be Individual

Repentance, like faith, must be individual.

Christian Nationalism?

I am hosting a conversation about a very hot topic, Christian nationalism, very much discussed, especially since the events of January 6.

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