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Liberal Nationalism, Abraham Lincoln, and the Unification of Italy

Although liberalism and nationalism are not often thought of together, liberal nationalism is a powerful force for nation-building.

A Coherent U.S. Policy on Iran is Needed Now

The United States has not had a consistent approach to Iran in years

How Tolkien’s Frenemy, Charles Williams, Indirectly Saved Lord of the Rings

Though Tolkien was not a fan of Charles Williams’ work, the latter would prove to have an enormous influence on the former

The Complex Human Rights Situation in the Israel-Gaza War

Responsibility for the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza ultimately lies with Hamas, not Israel

Taking the Long View of Politics in “Citizenship Without Illusions”

Review of David Koyzis’ new book, “Citizenship Without Illusions”

Christian Institutionalism in Miles Smith IV’s “Religion and Republic”

Defined neither by secularism nor Christendom, America has instead been marked by Christian institutionalism, argues Miles Smith IV

Leaving America’s Back Door Open

The Biden administration’s policy in Latin America has empowered anti-American regimes and endangered national interests.

Jefferson’s Tombstone, and Ours?

Thomas Jefferson valued universal religious liberty as one of his greatest accomplishments. Do his lessons from America’s founding last today?

The Internationalism of the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was carefully composed for a broad international audience as much as for a domestic one

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