Nuclear Weapons

Marksism – No. 59: Utilitarian Christianity, Niebuhrs, Integral Disarmament, and Pope Francis

This week the editors discuss a 1946 debate between H. Richard Niebuhr and others about “Utilitarian Christianity,” and a recent discussion about “Integral Disarmament.”

World Government vs. World Community
World Government vs. World Community

Toward the end of World War II, Americans contemplated the possibility of “world government” to prevent another catastrophe, especially after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Japan.

New START Extension Does Not Change Great Power Competition with Russia or China
New START Extension Does Not Change Great Power Competition with Russia or China

President Biden’s decision to fully extend the treaty without condition was mostly met with a figurative sigh of relief from arms control advocates and those who seek a world “free of nuclear weapons.” But Americans should be sober-minded about the real impact of the treaty, and not be lulled into believing New START, or any one treaty, will moderate US adversaries or better position the United States in our competition with either Russia or China.

A World Free from Nuclear Weapons? A Happy Hour Discussion - Elbridge Colby Matthew Kroenig Rebeccah Heinrichs Drew Christiansen
A World Free from Nuclear Weapons? A Happy Hour Discussion

In the latest Prov-Happy Hour on November 30, a distinguished panel—featuring Marathon Initiative co-principle Elbridge Colby, Georgetown professor Matthew Kroenig, and…

“The Atomic Issue,” by Reinhold Niebuhr
The Atomic Issue

Reinhold Niebuhr in 1945: “For only a full understanding of the practically insuperable difficulties which confront us can arm us with the humility and the courage to seek for a solution of this problem radical enough to prevent the annihilation of civilization.”

The Atomic Bomb and the Crisis of Man
The Atomic Bomb and the Crisis of Man

Atomic power is here to stay for the remainder of human history. Unless man can control himself as well as atomic power according to the moral law, both will no doubt terminate within a comparatively few years.

True North, Ep. 8 | A Conversation with George Weigel on Hiroshima

In this latest episode of True North, Marc LiVecche continues a series of discussions on the morality of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, 75 years ago.

Father Drew Christiansen on Catholicism & Nukes

Father Drew Christiansen of Georgetown University is co-editor of A World Free from Nuclear Weapons: The Vatican Conference on Disarmament….

Britain and the “Real” End of World War II
Britain and the “Real” End of World War II

Last month was the seventy-fifth anniversary of V-J Day—Victory over Japan, August 14, 1945—the official end of World War II. Yet most Britons prefer to celebrate V-E Day—Victory in Europe, May 8, 1945—the defeat of Nazi Germany. Why so?

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