Human Rights

Michael Cromartie Speech at Providence Launch Event
Michael Cromartie’s Speech at Providence Launch Event

In memory of Michael Cromartie, who passed away yesterday, here is his speech at Providence’s launch event in November 2015.

The Irony of American Foreign Policy
The Irony of American Foreign Policy

Every president faces a devil’s choice between stability and security on the one hand and our founding values on the other.

Recent Removal of Anti-Trafficking Organization Bad Sign for Civil Society in Cambodia Agape International Missions
Recent Removal of Anti-Trafficking Organization Bad Sign for Civil Society in Cambodia

Regardless of the ethnicity of the women in the CNN documentary, the fact remains that child sex trafficking is a problem in Cambodia.

On the Confusion about Western Values and Universalism
On the Confusion about “Western Values” and Universalism

Truths about human rights have, indeed, been discovered in the West, but are not the property of the West and do not apply only in the West. But Trump implied that these were simply local, particular, and culturally-specific “values.”

Nikki Haley Geneva Human RIghts
A Disjointed Approach to Human Rights: Where Is The Strategy?

As President Trump seeks to reel back the role of the US in the world and disengage with multilateral initiatives that don’t fit his strong “America first” ideology, a coherent approach to foreign policy and human rights needs to be reestablished.

Irina Ratushinskaya
Freeing the Captives

May the United States and democratic allies like Britain “not falter,” forever sustaining “valiant hearts” to light the path for courageous prisoners of conscience like Irina Ratushinskaya.

Trump Should Reverse Obama’s Lifting of Sudan Sanctions
Trump Should Reverse Obama’s Lifting of Sudan Sanctions

Despite continued violence in Sudan and the disapproval of senior members of Congress, last January President Obama signed an executive order lifting Sudan sanctions on a probationary basis.

President Omar al-Bashir, president of Sudan, one of July's forgotten countries
Mainstream Media’s (Four)gotten Countries of July 2017

While the media spotlight shines on a few high-profile countries, four forgotten countries (Lithuania, Yemen, Sudan, and Morocco) operate under the radar.

A Shield for Faith: The U.S. Military and Religious Freedom
A Shield for Faith: The U.S. Military and Religious Freedom

In a world where might makes right, it is the U.S. military—not international treaties, presidential speeches, UN resolutions, protest marches, Wall Street, or Wal-Mart—that protects us from enemies who would either stamp out all faiths or force submission to one faith.

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