Just War Tradition

Jean Bethke Elshtain: An Augustinian at War
Jean Bethke Elshtain: An Augustinian at War

Jean Bethke Elshtain (1941-2013) was an American political theorist, ethicist, and public intellectual who made scholarly contributions to various debates, and especially on the just war tradition.

A Moral Bridgehead into Iran’s Destabilizing Extraterritorial Actions (IDEAs)
A Moral Bridgehead against Iran’s Destabilizing Extraterritorial Actions (IDEAs)

Iran’s destabilizing actions across the Middle East require powers like the United States to maintain moral bridgeheads against it.

marines peacemakers
Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Peacemakers are not peacekeepers

Reinhold Niebuhr and the Problem of Paradox
Reinhold Niebuhr and the Problem of Paradox

Against pacifist sentiment and calls for isolationism, Reinhold Niebuhr insisted on a realistic Christian response to political crises, one willing to dirty its hands to avoid catastrophic evil. However, his dialectic between love and justice produces a catastrophic paradox.

Doing Violence to Scripture Christian pacifism Just War Tradition
Doing Violence to Scripture

Christian pacifism became untenable for me because the God who punished, killed, and destroyed in the Old Testament remains the God of the New Testament.

A Church Faces Its World
A Church Faces Its World

This article about the viewpoints of Christians & the Church in response to World War II was originally published in Christianity & Crisis on June 15, 1942.

Will Christianity Survive in the Middle East? A Christian Perspective
Will Christianity Survive in the Middle East? A Christian Perspective

It is imperative that we understand that a Middle East devoid of Christians and other religious minorities would be a tragedy—a tragedy not only for Christians and others who have lived in the Middle East for centuries, but a tragedy for an outward-looking and tolerant Islam.

Paradigm Lost: Book Review of Richard Haass’ A World in Disarray
Paradigm Lost: Review of Haass’ A World in Disarray

With his novel concept of sovereign obligation in A World in Disarray, Richard Haass makes an important advance in the search for peace in a disoriented world. But its advances fall short, unable to grasp the essential moral quality of world order.

just war tradition jus ad bellum
On the Proper jus of the Just War Tradition

Why is the just war tradition seemingly so easily abused?

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